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  Jul.16.14 EM15 TOUCHDESIGNER WORKSHOP 2014 Videos



Date:  Thursday & Friday May 29th & 30th (2 days)
Time: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm (includes 45 min break)
Location:  CENTRE PHI, Rhino Room, 407, Saint-Pierre Street Montréal
Experience Level: Novice
Instructors: Ben Voigt, Markus Heckmann and Greg Hermanovic, (Derivative) and Barry Threw (Obscura Digital) and Mary Franck.
Organizer: Isabelle Rousset
Assistants:Guillaume Lévesque and Daniele Guevera
22 Students: Vicki H, Sherry K, Pierre-Luc B, Vincent B, Faustine F, Roxanne L, Jim B, Matthew W, Jean-François R, Danny P, Daniel P, Mathieu M, Eric RH, Fred T, Oswanldo V, Marouane S, Daniel G, Mark-Andre B, Jonathan C, Brenden N, John H, Patrick H.


Learn from the Derivative team and Obscura's Barry Threw how to use TouchDesigner to create beautiful art and intuitive tools to light, move, track, control, map, automate and synchronize your world. TouchDesigner is the visual development platform used to create such spectacular works as KineticLights/GRID, Bot & Dolly's BOX, Dromos & ObE, Amon Tobin ISAM, and more.




Day 1

Part 1 Ben Voigt | Introduction TOPs, SOPs and COMPs
Part 2 Greg Hermanovic | Introduction to CHOPs and DATs
Part 3 Ben Voigt | The Movie Select Panel UI
Part 4 Barry Threw | Creating Geometry with CHOPs

Day 2

Part 1 Markus Heckmann | Texter
Part 2 Mary Franck | Analyzing Camera Feeds
Part 3 Markus Heckmann | Projection Mapping Tools
Part 4 Greg Hermanovic | Walkthrough of a procedural VJ system build from the ground up in 2 days.
Part 5 Ben Voigt | Light Chase - A quick and fun light chase CHOP network.
Part 6 Ben Voigt | Descriptions and examples of how to use some of TouchDesigner 088's new features.
Part 7 Q&A period, discuss specifics with participants about their work and projects.

*NOTE: This is only part of the video program, we will be adding more as they become ready.


Introduction to TOPs - Texture Operators | Parts 1, 2, 3 with Ben Voigt
Ben demonstrates a variety of Operators from the TOPs family.

Texture Operators, also known as TOPs, are image operators that provide real-time, GPU-based compositing and image manipulation. All calculations for TOPs are performed on the system's GPU. TOPs can be used for preparing textures, compositing streams images and movies, building control panel elements, and almost any other image task you might have. TOPs support many formats, including floating-point image formats for working with high-dynamic range (HDR) images.

All renders and composites occur offscreen with TOPs. Data can be scaled to any resolution, limited only by the amount of graphics RAM and the maximum resolution of the graphics card

Introduction to SOPs - Surface Operators | Parts 1 & 2 with Ben Voigt
Surface Operators, also known as SOPs, are operators that can generate, import, modify and combine 3D surfaces (also called geometry). The surface types are polygons, curves, NURBS surfaces, metaballs and particles.

Introduction to COMPs - Components with Ben Voigt
Components (or COMPs) are unique compared to other operator families in that they contain their own networks. To make a new network in your project, create a new Component using the OP Create Menu and selecting from the COMP tab. Then go inside your new component and start building your network. Component networks can contain operators and/or additional sub-networks (additional components). Sub-networks create a hierarchy of networks that can be navigated (using the network path) and forms the overall hierarchical structure of .toe/.tox files.

Introduction to CHOPs - Channel Operators | Parts 1 & 2 with Greg Hermanovic
CHOPs, short for CHannel OPerators, are a powerful technology which enables the processing of motion data, audio, on-screen controls, MIDI data, and controls from input devices. A CHOP contains one or more motion curves or "channels". A CHOP modifies the channels, and then passes the channels on to the next CHOP in the network. CHOPs are then connected to object motion or any other animated part of TouchDesigner via "exporting" and "channel references".

CHOPs provide a unique way of creating and editing motion and audio. The combination of procedural editing of motion, keyframe animation, motion capture and live puppeteering provides you with a wide range of animation techniques. In keeping with the TouchDesigner procedural paradigm, channel operators combine and refine the motion without destroying the original data. CHOPs were designed to reduce the tedium of motion editing and to help build and manage more complex motion. CHOPs enable creators to think about motion at a more creative level and to experiment with motion more than any other animation technology.

Introduction to DATs - Data Operators | Parts 1 & 2 with Greg Hermanovic
Data OPerators (or DATs) are used to hold text data like strings, scripts, and XML. DATs either contain multiple lines of text as in a script, or a table of rows and columns of cells, each containing one string.

DATs can be linked together to select, re-arrange and evaluate data and expressions, making DATs a powerful procedural scripting tool.

DATs that contain scripts can be triggered by events like mouse clicks and any operation of gadgets in TouchDesigner control panels. DAT scripts can also be triggered by channel changes in CHOPs.

The Movie Select Panel UI with Ben Voigt
In this demo we build a panel or a window that looks at or references a folder of movies or media, loads these movies into the panel and allows you to select the movie that is playing. The demo covers interface building and the logic necessary to put data into the right places.

*NOTE: New Content Posted Below, September 09: Creating Geometry with CHOPs and Texter!

Creating Geometry with CHOPs with Barry Threw
This demo illustrates the sharing of data between different Operator types to produce generative grahic examples.

Texter with Markus Heckmann
Work along with Markus to create a simple type-maker. This demo explores instancing and Render Picking.

To be continued; we will upload more of the workshop videos as they become ready.


Photo Credit: Isabelle Rousset


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