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TouchDesigner 077 newsletter

Welcome to our Fall 2012 Newsletter.

Itís been a very productive few months with everyone getting back to school and work and exciting initiatives. The community has been producing outstanding new work and selected below are some new articles and a few projects we think youíll enjoy.

The beta release of TouchDesigner 088 has received enthusiastic and positive feedback from our early-adopters. A friendly reminder for those not yet using 088, if you upgrade now during the beta period you will receive a $50 discount on all Commercial upgrades.

Sep.2012 088 Beta Release

Unleashing more power in TouchDesigner with a new 64-bit build and the customization potential of Python, we are pleased to have TouchDesigner 088 Beta ready for our customers.
Learn more >>

Components to Get You Started

We have prepared some useful sample components that use Python to showcase new possibilities made available with scripting in 088. They can be found in our forum.
Shared .tox Components forum.

Nov.2012 Grateful DEAD Mickey Hart's Brain on Drums

Eye Vapor's Jeff Smith tells us about a project with the San Francisco State University brain research department to visualize brain signals in real time using an Emotiv headset and TouchDesigner. Read more >>

Nov.2012 Contemplating carsten nicolai's unidisplay

unidisplay is new work from nicolai and another collaboration that sees Derivative's Markus Heckmann using TouchDesigner to organize and iterate the artists' concepts.

Aug.2012 Thr3hold Visualizes Vitor Joaquim's Geography

We speak with Spanish collective Thr3hold and with artist Vitor Joaquim about their collaboration and the stunning visuals produced for the live performances of Joaquim's "Geography". Read more >>

Nov.2012 White Kanga's 3D Auto-Calibration Tool

White Kanga makes things even easier with their latest demo of an internal projector calibration tool made with TouchDesigner.
Watch Video >>

Nov.2012 NICE - a human interface | This Way! Interactive

One of three elegant new interactive human interface prototypes from architect and exhibition designer Sven Muentel together with Norman Fischer and Junxin Chi at This Way! Interactive.
Watch Video >>

Nov.2012 Interactive LED Bartop | Matt Guertin

Matt is a lighting and stage designer in Minneapolis. Designed for a video game-themed club, Matt's LED Bartop is fully controlled with TouchDesigner and utilized 5 Kinects!
Watch Video >>

Create Your Own Kandinsky - University Anhalt, Dessau

This interactive projection mapping installation designed for the Bauhaus Festival of Color actively involves festival participants and conveys the experience of Kandinsky's art as well as the architecture of the Bauhaus.
Watch Video >>

There have been seven TouchDesigner workshops and presentations since our last newsletter and four of these fully organized and produced by members of the community! We think that's brilliant and would like to thank those involved for their initiative. These include:

  • Nov.08 SIGGRAPH Digital Media Arts & Technology P2P Event, Waterloo
  • Oct.13 Atelier TouchDesigner by Mathieu Le Sourd @ Eastern Bloc, Montreal
  • Sep.28 ODD LAB by Pavel Necas @ Hyper Island, Sweden
  • Sep.20 Working With Houdini & TouchDesigner, SESI, LA
  • Sep.16 Exclusive TouchDesigner Masterclass, Sila Sveta, Moscow
  • Aug.07 OFFF Mexico
  • Jun.24-Jul.8 UCLA REMAP Workshop for Digital Media,Theatre and Design, Rome.

Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

See TouchDesigner on Facebook for the latest events and projects and visit the blog for more detailed articles.



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