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TouchDesigner 077 newsletter

Hot Summer News! Welcome to Derivative's Summer 2010 newsletter - long in the writing due to the enormously productive summer it's been all-around.


From the product side, the big news and accomplishment is that we have just posted a new Experimental TouchDesigner, and are very close to a final build for TouchDesigner 077, our most advanced feature-rich product yet. Stay tuned for the release date!


Jul.05.10 MIT has integrated TouchDesigner into its Media Lab where Dave Robert and colleagues used TouchDesigner to build the framework of their ingenious Never Ending Drawing Machines. These collaborative creativity stations allow users to co-create and edit each other's tangible paper sketchbooks in real-time.

In the Press Since the writing of this article the NEDM went viral and was published in BoingBoing and Fast Company where TouchDesigner was described as "something like Microsoft's Surface, something like the G-Speak Minority Report user interface, and something totally new... ...this sort of technology - while it's still a prototype - is a definite sign for the future direction of education."

Jul.03.10 DJ Shadow's spectacular new Sphere tour got underway July 1st. Shadow performs inside a sphere onto which rich visuals by Ben Stokes are projected using TouchDesigner and 4 projectors. Looks really cool, see DJ Shadow live Au Foin de la Rue and in Bucharest. More coverage on this soon.

Jun.29.10 Feed indie band Born Ruffians performance footage into Rob Bairos' 1940's oscilloscope Total Internal Reflection and out comes the coolest Etch-a-Sketchy music video you'll ever see. Watch the making-of to see how the footage was processed through Rob's oscilloscope to generate these unique visuals.

Mar.27.10 Plastikman Live 2010 Play by Play: Where to begin? The tour that started in March this year at TimeWarp in Germany with now 11 shows under its belt is much, much larger, louder and brighter than life. And if you listen to fans and critics then it's an audio-visual techno spectacle the likes of which has never been seen. Visually produced and powered by TouchDesigner the show has Richie Hawtin's Plastikman persona performing inside 'Thunderdome', an LED circular screen/cage that has everyone on the hook. Read/look/listen/behind-the-scenes

May.17.10 V Squared Labs used TouchDesigner to create the 360 Heineken Inspire Dome visual experience at Coachella this summer. CEO Vello Virkhaus says of the TouchDesigner synth they created to run the show: "This is the visual mixing tool I've always wanted to create. It incorporates multiple realtime HD video inputs, routes as a digital switcher with globally operable transfer modes and on top of this ultimate video router, we have the generative front end.. in realtime. Mindblowing, really." Then later in June V Squared Labs & TouchDesigner caused even more mayhem at the Electric Daisy Carnival in LA.

May.01.10 Plastikman Contest Winners Interviewed, Spill the Beans. Achim Kern, Jeffers Egan, Peter Sistrom and Bryant Place our maverick Plastikman Live 2010 contest winners had lots to say on a bunch of topics centered around their work, the future and how TouchDesigner fits in.

Apr.05.10 Noboru Tsubaki's Before Flower at Roppongi Art Night Tokyo 2010. Artist Noboru Tsubaki's forty-foot high "Before Flower" dominated the show which coincided with Earth Hour this year and posited on environmental protection and how nature can work with people to save the planet. Rear projections on the eye are controlled by TouchDesigner, changing colors and patterns based on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by visitors as sensed by detectors on the sculpture's eye.


There are currently 160 videos posted by TouchDesigner users on the TouchDesigner Vimeo group and they are all brilliant and worth watching for many and varying reasons. Here is but a small selection of the latest work from some of our most prolific makers and posters:

If you have work to share, this is the place to post it.

Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase TouchDesigner FTE Commercial. Thanks.


Aug.05.10 Parallel World Labs used TouchDesigner extensively to produce Rockheim - Norway's state-of-the-art interactive national Rock and Pop Museum. We'll have a behind the scenes report on the making of this staggering, technology-rich project by PWL soon so stay tuned.

Aug.20.10 Robots, Halo, TouchDesigner - Oh my! TouchDesigner frees a robot from the tedium of car assembly lines and enables it to express itself creatively via a bunch of online gamers. Check it out in Wired Online

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