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TouchDesigner 099 newsletter

Greetings Community and our very best wishes for a happy, healthy, and productive 2019! We have some exciting news to share that should help warm and inspire those of us currently facing the northern winter months, and so without further ado...
We are thrilled to announce that the TOUCHDESIGNER SUMMIT 2019 will take place in Montreal August 17th - 19th, just before the 20th edition of MUTEK Montreal! Tickets go on sale in the spring and we are currently opening up submissions from the community for workshops and presentations. Everything you need to know is at this link. Prepare for a tsunami of inspiration and we hope to see you in Montreal!
New Experimental Builds now available!
Our new experimental builds let you try hundreds of new features and all the latest TouchDesigner developments. Download an experimental build now and check it out!

Unicode support - all languages, everywhere.
Physics - Rigid-body simulations via Bullet Physics engine.
FBX and USD Components - Improved importing of 3D geometry.
Widgets - Modular and customizable UI building tools.
Custom OPs and C++ now available to all license types.
Web Render TOP on macOS and Non-Commercial.

MODE Builds AI-Driven Interactive Content Engine For GM

General Motors' remarkable permanent experiential installation in the Atrium of its global headquarters spans 5 stories where 17 massive-scale LED surfaces are fed by an artificial intelligence-driven Interactive Content Engine (ICE) prototyped and programmed with TouchDesigner.

Futuristic Portals to the Stars: Akiko Yamashita Has Range

We talk to artist Akiko Yamashita best known for her projection mapping and light installations about her inventive use of TouchDesigner on a broad range of projects and collaboration.

Vincent Houze and Dave & Gabe Bring Creatures to the Dome

Vincent Houzé and Dave & Gabe combine their fantastical GLSL particle shader systems and spatial sound to bring the magical and immersive audio-visual experience Créatures to the Satosphere dome.

Tokyo-based Collective nor's Dyebirth Ponders "What is Life?

Asking the question "what is life" the installation dyebirth continually creates organic patterns through digitally controlled physical phenomena produced by a mixture of water, ink and chemical substances and the brilliant integration of bespoke hardware and software.

TouchDesigner Workshop MUTEK Japan Videos

Recordings of 12 beginner and intermediate lessons from Derivative and the Japanese community including: Introduction to TouchDesigner, Feedback Techniques, GLSL TOP Post Effects, PBR and 3D Workflows, Instancing and Custom Parameters and Building User Interfaces. In English and Japanese.

Paid-for Online TouchDesigner Tutorials and Courses

Ramp up your skills with these online courses offered for sale from expert TouchDesigner developers. See TouchDesigner Workshop Videos by Licht Pfad Studio, TouchDesigner Tutorials by Elburz&nVoid and Scott Pagano at Lynda.com to access a wealth of knowledge including intermediate and advanced topics.

Upcoming TouchDesigner Workshops Around the World

Otolab Milano Realtime Visuals for Performance - Andrew Quinn;
TouchDesigner 102 Level Up - B. Voigt and M. Heckmann (Toronto);
TouchDesigner Melbourne - Andrew Quinn;
Intro to Generative Visuals - Q. Bleton and G. Bourassa (SAT Montreal)

Deadmau5 Livestreams Work Sessions on Twitch.tv

Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) has been using TouchDesigner to develop visuals for his LED Cube and upcoming tour. Check out these interesting and informative works sessions on Twitch!

*We very much appreciate people doing workshops so please let us know if you are planning one so we can share with the community and help promote!

Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

See TouchDesigner on Facebook for the latest events and projects and visit the blog for more detailed articles. Follow us on Twitter. And now on Instagram!




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