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TouchDesigner 099 newsletter

Greetings Community and welcome to our "It's Still Officially Summer" newsletter! Much has happened since last we wrote as evidenced by the rich yield of activity and new work from the community - which to be clear, we are incapable of fully capturing and documenting. We'd like to draw everyone's attention to the incredible number of workshops coming up around the world and to thank those of you who so generously share your time and knowledge to help others learn TouchDesigner and make beautiful work. Read on!

TouchDesigner For Science Communication at GRANTECAN

Romano Corradi, Astrophysicist and Director of the Gran Telescopio Canarias writes about adopting TouchDesigner to communicate their scientific discoveries and asks the community to join them in this important undertaking.

Push 1 stop pulls out all the stops in generative worlds

Push 1 stop premieres MEMBRANE at MUTEK Montreal and talks to us about her great attraction to working generatively, building powerful engines, and shaping experiences that give people special powers to step outside of reality.

Kazoe Nobuaki's Highly Adaptive DEVISION VJ System

Tokyo-based VJ Kazoe Nobuaki builds the ever-evolving and extraordinarily powerful performance system DEVISION to achieve his adrenalin-pumping, high-octane visual style.

Blobs n Fluff Generates Bioluminescent Superbugs with TouchDesigner

Focused on computer-based patterns, biology, cycles and procedural generation, Paris-based visual artist Alexia Blobs n Fluff builds a Superbug Generator with TouchDesigner and to our delight, an infinite collection of bioluminescent creatures emerge!

D-Brane, an Augmented Reality Performance

New media artist Harvey Moon "creator of tools and machines" wields outright wizardry using the HTC Vive for motion tracking in this performance that is the "culmination of dance, real time projection mapping and live audio synthesis".

Ben Heim's Intimate Connections Between Sound & Visuals

Contemporary classical composer Ben Heim fuels an "addiction" to forging deep two-way connections between visuals and sound with an interactive audiovisual performance system built with TouchDesigner alongside Ableton Live and Max/MSP.

Imaginex Releases Crescent Sun Media Server

Congratulations to Eric Mintzer and team on the launch of their Crescent Sun media server offering a robust feature set to design, produce and perform complex LED, live visual and mapping shows with a high level of control and efficiency.

"QUOTATION" Worldwide Creative Journal no.26

We recommend acquiring this lush Japanese publication, especially this issue titled "Visualize the Poetry" which features over the spread of a dozen or so gorgeous pages, some of our TouchDesigner community stars WHITEvoid, Sila Sveta, Dave & Gabe and Vincent Houze.

Moscow International Festival Circle of Light and Art Vision

We are very pleased to partner with the festival and award TouchDesigner licences to Art Vision contest winners! Andras Nagy will be on the panel of judges and TouchDesigner workshops will be given by Daniel Delfovo, Andras Nagy, and Yan Kalnberzin, Eugene Afonin and Andras Nagy!

20 Upcoming WORKSHOPS - Check Our Full Listing Here

Including: Matthew Ragan at LDI; Guillaume Bourassa & Quentin Bleton at SAT Campus; Kenichi Kamaruwa at Tower Creative Academy; Derivative in Los Angeles, Markus Heckmann at Electric Perfume; Thomas Van Ta in Andalucia Spain and if you know of others let us know.

Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

See TouchDesigner on Facebook for the latest events and projects and visit the blog for more detailed articles. Follow us on Twitter. And now on Instagram!




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