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TouchDesigner 099 newsletter

Greetings Community! It's been a while since our last newsletter so this one is a double edition but we assure you, it's packed with incredible work and achievement from all corners of the globe. We have a full report on our TouchDesigner Summit in Berlin as well as news of upcoming workshops and events. And... BREAKING NEWS: the launch of Keith Lostracco's media server LUMINOSITY and CHOPCHOPCHOP, the very first TouchDesigner asset store. So sit back and dig in!

TouchDesigner Summit 18 | Meet Heroes, Talk Shop, a Tsunami of Inspiration

Read about these 2 intensive days where a tremendous program of over 30 workshops, masterclasses and presentations were delivered by members of the community! Video recordings available too.

Keith Lostracco Launches TouchDesigner Media Server LUMINOSITY as Open Source

Enormously generous, Keith has made his powerhouse application Luminosity available to the community in a full feature release that is completely open to edit. Exciting!!
Watch Video Documentation | Download LM

CHOPCHOPCHOP The First TouchDesigner Asset Store is Launched by Idzard Kwadijk

Publish and sell or give away for free your assets to the global TouchDesigner community. Publish shaders, tutorials, code, custom (locked) components, or complete projects.

Announcing: "Visual Thinking with TouchDesigner" a First Japanese Book

Announcing the first Japanese TouchDesigner manual "Visual Thinking with TouchDesigner | The Professional's Choice for Real-time Rendering & Prototyping." Spearheaded and authored by Shuhei Matsuyama and Naohide Matsunami

BEYOND CASSINI | Art Celebrates the Life and Science of Doomed Saturn Explorer

Tyler Bowers of WOW inc. and Gabriel Pulecio celebrate the life and death of our favourite space probe by “flashing back” Cassini's most potent “memories” in this visceral immersive art installation.

Soma CG Drives All Screen Visuals On-Set for Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant

Chris Wilson's mind-bending report on how 120+ screens in Alien Covenant were simultaneously driven on-set by Soma CG's application MOTHER, made entirely in TouchDesigner.

VolvoxLabs Meticulously Animates Engagement at Microsoft Theatre Lounge DTLA

VolvoxLabs uses TouchDesigner extensively at the Microsoft Theatre Lounge and seamlessly weaves technologies throughout to build out four remarkable engagement pieces.

Cassini Spacecraft's Saturn Image Captures Inspire James Cao's ORIENS

James Cao was struck by the beauty of the Cassini spacecraft's image captures of Saturn, hence this space-inspired installation and reflection on our relationship to the universe evolved.

Other Robots Duo Design the First TouchDesigner T-Shirt and it is RAD

The first official run of TouchDesigner t-shirts and bags designed by Other Robots arrived just in time for MUTEK Montréal 2017 and have now been spotted the world over! Get yours now and read about the Other Robots!

Electro-Acrylic Sends the Physicality of the Painter's Brushstrokes to the Dome

An electronic-acoustic performance designed for the dome, combining painting, interactive art and live sound. The show's sound and visuals are manipulated captures from the painter's brush on the canvas.

Sumptuous Interactive Dance Performed with Reactive Visuals Using BlackTrax

An astonishing dance performance where dancers tracked with a Blacktrax system results in a tightly connected interplay between choreography and reactive visuals.

Blok.Artwork Animates the Cleanest TouchDesigner

We came upon these elegant animations in our Instagram feed, a new one every day, and began to wonder "how are you getting such clean and precise line animation?" We found out how.

TouchDesigner Summit Berlin 2018 Videos

Workshops, Masterclasses and Presentations from the Summit. We urge you to spend the time to watch and learn from this vast pool of ideas and know-how. See the many ways TouchDesigner is being used today!

TouchIN NYC is Back for May Event

More details soon but there is a plan for a 2-evening TouchIn Meetup at LiveX and Volvoxlabs studios. Stay tuned for speakers and program.

To stay up-to-date on upcoming workshops around the world please bookmark our Upcoming Workshops Page

Commercial License Reminder:
Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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