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TouchDesigner 088 newsletter

It's time for our summer newsletter and this one is busting at the seams! There is a ton of new and very inspiring work from the community that we are enormously pleased to share without further ado.

We'd like to remind you about the official release of TouchDesigner 099 and invite you to give it a try! Read all about it here https://www.derivative.ca/events/2017/099OfficialRelease/

Leviathan's 150 Media Stream a Living Digital Sculpture

Detailed report on the making of this remarkable dynamic digital sculpture that exhibits commissioned works by artists via an intelligent content library designed to continually transform over time.

NaiveLaser Recreates Natural Phenomena with Lasers

Captured Atmospheres: Interactions Between Light, Smoke and Matter is an ephemeral experience that posits atmosphere as instrument where realtime laser techniques and physical computing create an experience and impression that feels real and indeed elemental.

Tokyo Art City by NAKED

An ambitious and beautifully executed art exhibition composed of projection mapping, illumination and large models of Tokyo's many landmarks. Under the concept of "City is Art" virtual and real Tokyo are synchronized over past, present and future.

Refactor: Audio Visual Installation Questions Cognition

Artist Nikzad Arabshahi had the idea to make the computer paint endless paintings the way he would if he was to paint them himself. This was achieved in real-time through computer renderings in a generative algorithmic composition.

Jonny Konx' Lidar Scanning in the Fulldome: Remote Sense

This realtime fulldome performance is an investigation of Lidar point cloud data that is captured through laser scanners then processed, animated, performed and rendered realtime in TouchDesigner.

In Light and Stillness, The Sublime Artistry of Ali Phi

We talk to the prolific Tehran-based media artist and musician Ali Phi about his beautiful and evocative audiovisual practice and how TouchDesigner is his tool of choice for prototyping and producing the work.

Deep Dream Act 2 | NONE & Andrew Quinn

This installation places the person within the data stream that they themselves produce and share. The viewer "travels" in a continuous stream of data within an n-dimensional 150m2 mirrored 'hypercube' losing all reference to space-time.

TouchDown Houston at Day For Night Festival

A flawless festival in a 1.2 million sq ft venue provided a unique opportunity to experience an ambitious array of installation light and kinetic art. That almost half of these made excellent use of TouchDesigner was icing on the proverbial cake!

Time to VOTE!! Next Era Audiovisual Contest FINALISTS

Here are the 5 finalists' of MUTEK's AV contest with whom we partnered to foster the next generation of creatives and to provide some tools. Congratulations to all the finalists and we urge the community to watch their offerings and to vote for your favourite!

Make Some Noise Workshop Videos by Matthew Ragan

Big thanks to Matthew Ragan for polishing and posting all the tutorials and documentation from the very fun 2-day workshop at Obscura Digital so that the rest of the community can learn to make beautiful noise!

Robert Seidel's swirling abstract visual equivalent for Esmark's "Husby-klit Bk"... Richie Hawtin's CLOSE and "cyberdelic" visuals/visual system by Itaru Yasuda + Ali Demiral... Ana Herruzo and Sorob Louie's Skylights let you draw in space ... Chen Yea's salt crisp chicken (trust us on this one) ... submissions we loved for Next Era: Emily Rosanna Saunders' WhiteNoise + Simon Alexander-Adams' The Stuff Revolution ... Gabriel Pulecio's LED and mirror portal to infinity at Design Boom ... MXZEHN's interactive stage for the Apolda European Design Award ... Vincent Houzé's Fluid Structure at Google I/O 2017 ... How Dutch archives turned into a Lakker AV show about water... . Tabegami Sama, Moment Factory in Japan ...

Stay tuned for details on our MUTEK workshop in August and for information on upcoming workshops please bookmark our Upcoming Workshops Page

Commercial License Reminder:
Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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