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We hope everyone (in the northern hemisphere) has enjoyed a long and adventurous summer and that those south of the equator are ready for their turn! Regardless of where we are in the world, the last few months have yielded a tremendous and progressive body of work, as well as many workshops and even a full-on TouchFest from our valiant community. More to come but we thought it was time to pause and reflect on what we've achieved this summer.

Design Meets Surf Culture | Ericeira World Surfing Reserve

Detailed visualization of data pertaining to current surf conditions, wave characteristics, the area's biosphere, the weather and more are conveyed via interactive video mapping onto a 3D scale model controlled with custom apps. Outstanding work from Rui Gato and David Negrao!

Student Project: Fit The Culture | An Interactive Portal

Art and design students from Moscow and Graz collaborate long-distance to design/build an installation that took place simultaneously in both cities inviting visitors to hop on a journey through 'stereotypical' cultural environments.

Infinity, Hyper Thread, Origins | The Lab at Panorama NYC

Our NYC community represents at Panorama festival producing 3 interactive art installations for The Lab: Projection-mapped facade. Origins from VolvoxLabs, Gabriel Pulecio's Infinity Wall and Dave & Gabe's cocooning user-driven sonic experience with Hyper Thread.

ThoughtForms | Visualize and 3D Print Your Thoughts

What would be the consequences of our most intimate feelings and memories becoming accessible by technology? Hold that thought Indae Hwang and Kellyann Geurts at Monash University use an EEG brain sensor and TouchDesigner to explore the possibilities.

LIGHTfaktor's Atolla Chandelier for Top Golf's flagship store.

The 32' tall decorative chandelier consisting of 26 suspended LED rings and 17 strips of LED pixels is also equipped with motion-sensing sonar cameras and an audio feed for interactive motion and audio effects.

TouchFest Moscow Review from Create Digital Motion

Organized by Curiosity Media Lab's Yan Kalnberzin and Eugene Afonin, TouchFest was a 4 day TouchDesigner Festival held at the MARS Center in Moscow this summer. Big thanks to Peter Kirn for capturing the spirit of the event so perfectly in his article "How one community was mapping the future of visuals this summer"

MAS | TouchDesigner! Helping Moment Factory "Do it in Public"

Isabelle Rousset (Derivative) & Amahl Hazelton (Moment Factory) lead a workshop at Media Architecture Summit 2016 to discuss how TouchDesigner in conjunction with other technologies contributes to the production of some of Moment Factory's iconic interactive media architecture installations.

For information on upcoming workshops please bookmark our Upcoming Workshops Page

Commercial License Reminder:
Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

Derivative is looking for a full time senior C++ developer, see the job description here.

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