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Many things are rumored to slumber through the winter months, a tendency which does not seem to apply to our community where the pace of production, exhibition and education did not let up in the least! It is nonetheless with significant momentum and anticipation that we move forward into brighter days ahead! Hello Spring!


HTC VIVE with its superb controllers and tracking is now shipping, and TouchDesigner is ready with a growing set of examples to help you start thinking and designing in VR.

VIOSO Projection Mapping Solution

TouchDesigner now supports and interfaces to VIOSO, an affordable, automated projection mapping alignment tool that enables the setup of multi-projectors on non-planar (irregular) surfaces.

Norway Workshop Videos | Creative Projection Week 2016

For the beginner or those with years of experience on projects, each of these training videos has gems-aplenty that are practical and reflect the current best-practices for TouchDesigner.

Best of the Best TouchDesigner 088 Workshop Videos

The best videos from TouchDesigner 088 workshops have been distilled and compiled into one action-packed program that will get you going from zero to pro - fast!

Indae Hwang's TouchDesigner Tutorial Page

Dr. Indae Hwang designs for new media & digital systems and teaches two courses with TouchDesigner at Monash U in Australia. Check out his ever-growing collection of design-centric TouchDesigner project video examples, .toe files included!

The Future of Music | Making a 360 Film

TouchDesigner was used on set to handle real-time stitching and compositing in this ground-breaking 360° virtual experience made by Greg Barth and Phenomena Labs that cleverly immerses the viewer in an amusing, surrealist musical space.

The Square Root of Sin | Student Exhibition

A showing of incredibly diverse and exciting work produced by the students of artist and new media producers Yan Kalnberzin and Eugene Afonin's 3-month TouchDesigner workshop at the MARS Center in Moscow.

Mapping the Cave | Secret Mapping Experiment

Secret locations, secret lights and secret ideas... The Secret Mapping Experiment maps an ancient driftstone cave with TouchDesigner and it is eerie and amazing! We've tried to keep as many secrets as possible but here's what we can tell!

TouchDesigner Performances and Workshop at MUTEK 2016!

Derivative teams with Artificiele to lead a workshop to ‘dress up the MAC’, Dasha Rush and Stanislav Glassov premiere Dark Hearts of Space, Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke present Perspective Cubed and Lakker are live at Metropolis. See you there!

Convergence 2016 | The Banff Centre

We are thrilled and honoured to have been a part of Convergence 2016: Electronic Music + Visual Art! A HUGE thank you to Patti Schmidt for the opportunity and to all the artists who produced such exploratory work. Article soon!

TouchDesigner Euro Summit 2016, Berlin

In February 60+ members of our community from across Europe and Russia converged in Berlin during Transmediale for a marathon day filled with presentations, round table discussions and of course, to plan for the future. Update soon!

We would like to thank Matsuyama-san and Matsunami-san for their help with recent workshops in Tokyo and Kyoto. It has been great to teach so many talented and creative people, we look forward to their future creations with TouchDesigner! For information on upcoming workshops in Osaka and internationally, please check our Upcoming Workshops Page.

Derivative is looking for full time senior C++ developers, see the job description here.

Commercial License Reminder:
Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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