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TouchDesigner 088 newsletter

It's been a full 6 months since our Summer newsletter but it has also been a very busy time. Pausing here to 'wrap up the year', we look back and see the diverse body of work produced that continually advances community and development... and we look forward to much more of the same in 2016! Happy Holidays everyone!

Support for Open VR and HTC Vive

Oculus VR SDK and newly added OPs to support HTC Vive/SteamVR and other devices that use OpenVR (build 57100+). Enjoy!

Introducing TouchPlayer Commercial and Pro Licenses

TouchPlayer lets you scale up and deploy projects at 50% reduced cost. TouchPlayer does not include an editor interface, it runs files only in Perform Mode. For projects running TouchDesigner on many systems, TouchPlayer is the answer!

Creative Projection Week 2016 | Halden, Norway | Jan 23 - 30

Beginner and Intermediate TouchDesigner workshops in Norway with Derivative's teaching crew as well as masterclasses with Mathieu Le Sourd (maotik) and Framestore's Theo Groeneboom (on-set technical director for Gravity). Sign up and see you in Norway!

TouchDesigner 088: 30 Features to Love

Highlighted here are features found in the software and the community that make TouchDesigner great!

Maotik's Light Bearers: 2,500 Fireflies Animate and Delight

From a VFX background Vincent has adopted TouchDesigner as his real time tool of choice inspiring us with all manner of dynamic simulations, shaders and rapid prototyping.

Evgeniy Afonin's Exhibit Item/Awakening

This contemporary dance performance strikes out in bold and innovative directions, taking place on a semi-transparent glass stage rigged with complex lighting and video setup and covered in a substance upon which the performer - well... slides.

DELQA An Interactive Sonic Play-Space in a Maze of Netting

A collaboration between Matthew Dear and a talented Brooklyn-based creative team, DELQA puts visitors "inside Dear's music" with the ability to change and affect the composition by interacting with arrangements of netting in a gallery space.

Christopher Bauder's Mesmerizing Kinetic Lights System Soars

Christopher Bauder's Kinetic Light System is an award-winning product that embeds TouchDesigner to choreograph and move physical light elements high above one's head via steel wire and powered cable DMX winches.

Obscura Projects Change: Empire State, UNESCO, The Vatican

Congratulations to the Obscura Digital team for their ongoing engagement in so many important endeavors and for the innovation they bring in highlighting the important messages of our time like preservation of species and peace on earth!

LiveDesign | What's Trending in Content Creation

"In today's highly visually motivated world, digital media takes the stage as a major element in storytelling. Mary Franck and Matthew Ragan discuss the advantages of real-time content for production with Live Design Magazine and how TouchDesigner fits in.

Sila Sveta's Swan Lake at Circle of Light Festival, Moscow

Beautiful work from Sila Sveta, "A remake of the classic Swan Lake ballet created in memory of the famous Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya on the facade of Bolshoi Theatre." Produced especially for the 5th International Festival "Circle of Light".

Derivative is looking for a full time senior C++ developer, see the job description here.

Commercial License Reminder: If you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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