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While these past few months have been filled with software enhancements, a tremendous and robust body of work has come from the community and many workshops have been held all over the world. We'd like to take this opportunity to catch you up on what has been, what will be, and what is currently happening, departing a little bit from our usual format - because it's summertime!

Vincent Houzé on Rapid-Prototyping and Working in Real Time

From a VFX background Vincent has adopted TouchDesigner as his real time tool of choice inspiring us with all manner of dynamic simulations, shaders and rapid prototyping.

carsten nicolai's - unicolor

The Vinyl Factory collaborates with carsten nicolai for an immersive installation that explores our perception of color at the Vinyl Factory's space at Brewer Street Car Park.

Bearers of Light

Mathieu le Sourd - maotik's fascinating and ongoing explorations with light provides opportunity for the next months “to join nature's most glittering insects and send your own flashing love notes, in a unique immersive space, a poetic interpretation of the world of fireflies” at Espace pour la vie in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

The Central Children Store, Moscow

The permanent installation by Sila Sveta has already achieved iconic stature and not only because it is the largest permanent 3D-mapping projection in Eastern Europe. There's much, much more and we'll have an article on the making-of very soon.

One Night Stand LA

Projection mapping and Oculus Rift VR installation by artist and architect Michael Nesbit with Akiko Yamashita wielding TouchDesigner for mapping with CamSchnappr, animations and Oculus Rift.

OZONE from Out of Sight Collective

OZONE is an interactive multimedia installation that explores the concept of tension, both in the physical world and the metaphorical world. The visual and sound, generated in real time by the interactor, presents a grandiose universe reminiscent of cosmos.


MUTEK Montreal 2015 featured live performances of both maotik's Omnis and Dasha Rush's ANTARCTIC TAKT with visuals by Licht Pfad's Stanislav Glazov.

Night Media Loading

Organized by Bartlomiej Szlachcic (odaibe) and held at the Audiovisual Technology Center in Wroclaw, Night Media Loading premiered compositions and audiovisual projects created specially for the occasion by video artists and producers of electronic music during a residency at the Center.

BT's electronic OPUS, Miami Music Week

VolvoxLabs was charged to develop and produce the visual components of a unique and immersive symphonic/electronic concert performance for music composer BT (Brian Transeau).

Check our Education Section for Upcoming Workshops as well as an archive of the many workshops held all over the world in the last few months.

We are also in the process of adding two new Workshop Video Programs from recordings made at our recent Workshops West and MUTEK Workshop 2015.

Commercial License Reminder: If you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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