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TouchDesigner 088 newsletter

Welcome to the Winter newsletter, dedicated in its entirety to the creativity, hard work, and altruistic spirit of the community! You've written books, given workshops, shared your knowledge, created new tools, designed shows and interactive experiences, performed, collaborated and inspired!

New Book! An Introduction to TouchDesigner

Elburz Sorkhabi has written a book! It is free and online with project files and video tutorials. We talk to Elburz about his incentive for creating this tremendous resource.

New Book! Multimedia Programming using Max/MSP and TouchDesigner by Patrik Lechner

A step-by-step guide to designing, building, and refining immersive audio-visual installations using Max/MAP and TouchDesigner.
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Feb.16.15 Keith Lostracco's TouchDesigner Media Server

Luminosity was built to create a front end for TouchDesigner that provides users an easy-to-use interface to perform, control, and distribute realtime media while retaining the open-ended programmability of TouchDesigner as well as its speed.
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Dec.29.15 dubfire:live HYBRID

Brooklyn-based VolvoxLabs' signature-style fuse art and science to produce the visual design, AV system programming and stage design for electronic producer Dubfire's live HYBRID tour.
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Dec.15.14 Interactive Facets

Fred Trétout's beautifully designed work playfully engages and encourages imaginative expression during its 3-month install in the window of ICI ARTV's studio at Places des Arts in Montreal.
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Nov.11.14 My Name is Nobody

Innovative visual production designed and realized by odaibe (Bartek Szlachcic), a graphic designer and electronic music producer whose interests lie in "visualizing sound with experimental tools".
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Nov.04.14 Pixelux Light System

Pixelux Studio recently lit up Yves Saint Laurent's Men 2015 runway with a grid of moving light panels that operate as a kinetic system displaying graphics generated in realtime with fixture motion.
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Oct.27.14 Pow-wow & My Whale

St. Petersburg art collective Tundra transport us to other-worldly and enchanting places - like an electrifying 'pow-wow for peace' and inside a whale's mouth to hear its song.
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Oct.20.14 Escape Time

Lose all sense of orientation by stepping into Keith Lostracco's mind-bending and infinitely intricate fractal world "Escape Time".
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Oct.7.14 Licht.Pfad's Marathon

The Licht.Pfad dynamic duo make 12 music videos in 3 weeks, generate an icy world for Dasha Rush's ANTARCTIC TAKT, and put on a mini festival!
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Sep.23.14 Representations of Time

Clocks that create pictures of the past, cameras that watch the world, Matthew Ragan has been postulating on time and its representations, in the process making beautiful abstract art.
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Sep.18.14 Working in Plastic

Yan Kalnberzin discusses recent theatrical works Living Room Performance and POLINATRON and the context of creating video "for plastic" performances.
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Nov.7.14 Toronto Workshop Videos

Work along with this program of tutorial videos from our TouchDesigner workshops and learn from the experts!
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Upcoming Workshops

Please check our newly revised and expanded Education Section for upcoming workshops around the world! Read more

Commercial License Reminder: If you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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