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It's been a busy and industrious summer and heading into fall, pace and productivity show no signs of letting up! We are very happy to share with you the extraordinary achievements made by Framestore using TouchDesigner088 in the making of the film Gravity, winner of seven Academy Awards in 2014. We are also pleased to share some of the recent developments and advancements made to TouchDesigner as well as a host of impressive new projects from the community. Enjoy!

Jul.29.14 Gravity: TouchDesigner Works in Zero-G

Framestore's Theodor Groeneboom details a technical account of the making of Gravity's special effects pipeline and how TouchDesigner was used every day on set.
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New TouchDesigner 088 Official Build Available

TouchDesigner now offers some great new features such as support for Kinect2, Oculus DK2, Spout (Siphon for Windows), rendering multi-languages with Unicode, Surface Pro 2 and 3, Python Extensions, latest Leap Motion and the EtherDream laser standard.

TouchDesigner Workshop Toronto! Fri & Sat Oct 3rd & 4th.

This 2-day intensive workshop is an ideal opportunity for novice users to learn directly from the Derivative team and to quickly gain a working knowledge of TouchDesigner. Registration is limited so reserve your spot now.
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Aug.26.14 Front Pictures' Multimedia Renaissance

Front Pictures' staggering installation illuminating a new gallery in Kiev ups the ante on 'high performance' across the spectrum. Imagine: 7K x 7K px resolution to 52 projectors from 1 computer!
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Apr.28.14 In Spherical Space with Maotik

We're thrilled to have this extensive documentation on Mathieu Le Sourd's full-dome, realtime, immersive projects DROMOS and OBE.
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Apr.07.14 Lakker's Live AV for 'Containing a Thousand'

We spoke with Dara Smith about the new TouchDesigner-based visual set he was in the final stretches of preparing for the launch of Lakker's latest EP Containing a Thousand.
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Mar.27.14 Matt's Epic, Oculus Rift, Kinect, 3D Project

In this fascinating, funny and excellent account of deep prototyping Matt details the tools, research, process, trials, introduction of new tools and new code as the project evolves, improves and persists.
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Mar.13.14 LNLO at Large

Laurent Brun talks about LNLO's practice and three of the studio's recent projects that used TouchDesigner in creative and inventive ways to light things up and move them around, and to entertain and engage.
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Feb.13.14 TouchDown at the Super Bowl

TouchDesigner makes a significant showing at Super Bowl XLVIII, instrumental in the making of 2 projects from Eye Vapor and V Squared Labs in Bryant Park, NYC.
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May.29.14 EM15 TouchDesigner Workshop Videos

For those who want to follow and work along with the EM15 Workshop videos we will continue to publish the entire program here.
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Commercial License Reminder: If you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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