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TouchDesigner 077 newsletter

The last few months have been productive in all sorts of spectacular ways as some return to school and others redouble their efforts. We have also registered an unprecedented number of workshops (9!) put on by the community.

Derivative's public release of TouchDesigner 088 in September brought new features and capabilities leading to exciting new work.

Experimental Builds for 088
Many new features have recently been added to 088, now available in Experimental Builds.
- Leap Motion support for hand-gesture input
- Oculus Rift support for the VR headset
- Python upgraded to 3.3
- Kinect face tracking
- second installment of Generative Design: Chapter ll, "Formulated Bodies"
- Circle and Rectangle TOP, Monitors and Keyboard DATs
- Matrix objects in Python to manipulate 3D transform matrices and vectors

Oct.2013 Bot & Dolly's Magic Box

This team has produced astounding work with TouchDesigner, but Box trumps what we've seen to date. The live performance film where robots, actors and 3D projection mapping perform in sync is nothing short of magic.

Oct.2013 Moment Factory's Mastery of Temporary Play Space

Four recent Moment Factory projects put TouchDesigner to rigorous and spectacular use. We're very excited to share this far-reaching work with our readers. Enjoy!

Nov.2013 Patrik Lechner's Non-linear, Fully Generated Universe

Explaining his aversion to linearity and things that repeat without alteration, Patrik details a dynamic practice of iteration and improvisation used to produce this generative audio-visual work.

Oct.2013 VolvoxLab's Super-Connected dd OUTPOST

The future of "coworking" takes shape here with VolvoxLabs’ interpretation of the connected, configurable workspace transformed.

Sep.2013 Mod Production's ACO Virtual

Massive congrats to Mod Productions the creators of Australian Chamber Orchestra Virtual, an interactive installation developed in TouchDesigner 088 on one PC with 8 HD outputs that enables people to live-mix the ACO via a touch screen or play along with the musicians.
Watch video >>

Sep.2013 WHITEvoid's Kinetic Lights

This system comprised of 200 lights/RGB spheres controlled on winches is simply mesmerizing with back-channel integration, GUI and movement and light animation system created by Markus Heckmann with TouchDesigner 088.
Watch video >>

Sep.2013 Dev Harlan Releases VertPusher

VertPusher is a custom-built software tool using TouchDesigner to accomplish per-vertex mesh distortion specifically for projection mapping applications.
Watch video >>

Oct.2013 Glasspiel - Carbon Capture Storage - Interactive Model

Illustrating all stages of the CCS process, a plastic model was placed on top of the monitor and integrated into its natural environment made in 3D animation. The model is made in transparent perspex and application developed with TouchDesigner.
Watch video >>

Oct.2013 Virtual Rocks Collide in an Interactive Cardboard Box

See what's possible with a $12 servo, masking tape, an apple crate and some TouchDesigner? From Vincent Houze, virtual rocks collide as the real box is turned by Arduino driving a servo.
Watch video >>

New and Noteworthy: Camille Utterback's interactive installation Flourish, projected onto multiple layers of glazed and sandblasted glass. Fractoid 2, an interactive moving sculpture programmed in TouchDesigner. Andrew Quinn’s visuals for dance piece Forest Off,

Educational licenses - Introducing new TouchDesigner Educational licenses for schools and students. Register here

TouchDesigner is now part of two new university courses: Digital Hollywood, Tokyo and UCLA Film, Television and Digital Media
See our Education page for details.

Since our last newsletter there have been no fewer than 9 TouchDesigner workshops around the world:

  • Rome, Italy:
    "TouchDesigner for Theatre" at Carnegie Mellon University a workshop with Mary Frank
  • London, England:
    the first TouchDesigner workshop in London with Richard Burns
  • Moscow, Russia:
    Sila Sveta workshop with Dmitry Napolnov and Denis Akopov at Moscow Light Festival
  • San Francisco, USA:
    Mary Frank's Realtime Video in TouchDesigner using Rouge
  • New York, USA:
    TouchIn Meetup NYC organized by VolvoxLabs and inaugurated with Barry Threw and Dev Harlan followed by a second meetup with Michele Higa Fox and Alex Czetwertyski
  • Milano, Italy:
    San Fedele Workshop with Andrew Quinn, Milano
  • Montreal, Canada:
    TouchDesigner in Montreal @ SAT with Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik)
  • Moscow, Russia:
    Intensive Introduction to TouchDesigner with Yan Kalnbersin
Workshops Upcoming:

And last but not least, Richard Burns has set up a lively Help Facebook Group!


Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

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