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TouchDesigner 088 Release

Derivative is excited to announce the public release of TouchDesigner 088! Now that the beta period is over, Non-Commercial 088 licenses are also available for personal use at no charge. Many of you have already put 088 through rigorous testing and to inspiring and often mesmerizing use, bringing us to this point. We would like to thank all customers who were part of the beta, helping to polish and improve 088. Alongside these refinements, this version brings new features that provide greater connectivity, device and protocol support, more speed, better control... features that will inevitably change the way we work!

088 Features Page

Python, WebSockets, ASIO audio, Hardware Framelock, Hap Q codec, Leap Motion, live Photoshop input, and an improved parameter interface are just some of the new 088 features designed to make time spent with TouchDesigner more productive and creative goals easier to reach.
088 Applications Page

Whether your interests lie in projection mapping, interactive visualization, live show control, real time 3D or custom shader building, discover how TouchDesigner offers high performance and an infinitely customizable environment.
Community Field Reports

These are first-hand accounts shared by our users about their experiences using TouchDesigner in the field. Often breaking new ground, forging new solutions, these early 'explorers' offer valuable insight to using TouchDesigner in a myriad of ways.
Generative Design

75 TouchDesigner components illustrating individual design techniques from the Processing-based book "Generative Design" are available for download here. Learn a ton of valuable new techniques as you adapt these examples for your own projects.
Performance Interface Feature

We are very pleased to feature this tremendous assortment of personalized TouchDesigner applications built by our users to operate, run and perform their live shows. These help us to learn from each other and influence how we make our next generation of tools.
Education Page

All things to do with extending and augmenting TouchDesigner skills for students and educators, this page features up-to-date news on workshops, university courses, teaching resources and more. Bookmark this page!
Non-Commercial Non-Commercial licenses are now available for TouchDesigner 088! These licenses let anyone try TouchDesigner for non-commercial (non-paying), personal and educational use at no charge.

Educational For students and schools looking for the full TouchDesigner experience, we are happy to announce new Educational licenses for TouchDesigner 088. Educational licenses are available for $300 (a 50% discount) and include the full feature set of TouchDesigner Commercial. These licenses are reserved for current students, educators, and schools for non-commercial and educational use only.

For a comparison of TouchDesigner licenses, see Licensing.

Back to School and upcoming workshops scheduled include:

Sep.15-20 Real Time Interactive and Sound-Reactive 2D/3D Visuals for Performance | Andrew Quinn, San Fedele, Milan Oct. 5&6 Real Time Video in TouchDesigner:Rouge | Mary Franck, San Francisco

Oct.12-13 Introductory/Intermediate Workshop in TouchDesigner Richard Burns, London UK (to be live-streamed). Check our Education page for details and sign up if you are able to attend!

Oct.21 et 28 (3 hours each day) Interactif TouchDesigner | Mathieu Le Sourd, Montreal

Check our Education page for details

Commercial License Reminder: Please be reminded that if you are doing commercial work with TouchDesigner, you need to purchase a TouchDesigner Commercial or Pro license. Thanks.

See TouchDesigner on Facebook for the latest events and projects and visit the Blog for more detailed articles.



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