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TouchDesigner 077 newsletter

Welcome to the Derivative's fall 2009 newsletter! Derivative has been hard at work this summer adding many improvements and new features to TouchDesigner. We are pleased to announce a new build of TouchDesigner 077 is now ready for you to download!

Download TouchDesigner 077

New Features
TouchDesigner 077 build 3700 has many new features and refinements. The most notable is an overhaul of the keyframing and animation tools, including a new Keyframe Component and Keyframe Editor. New features include:
  • Keyframe Component and Keyframe Editor - the new Keyframe Component is now used to hold keyframe data. Key and channel data is stored inside tables, this data is then converted into channels by a Keyframe CHOP. The new Keyframe Editor interface allows you to manipulate these keys and channels, just right-click on a Keyframe Component and select Edit Keyframes...
  • New Operators - the Cube Map TOP creates textures formatted for use in cube maps. The Serial DAT reads in raw data from any serial device connected to the system. The SOP to DAT and DAT to SOP operators convert geometry data into tables of point data, primitive data, and attribute data, and vice-versa.
  • Instancing Geometry - create hardware accelerated geometry instancing using the GPU!
  • 10-bit color display - support added for newer 10-bit wide gamat color displays, allowing for more shades of color and reduced artifacts in the display.
  • New abilities for FTE-Commercial - users with FTE Commercial licenses will now have access to all Shared Memory operators.
  • CUDA for everyone - The CUDA tools are now available in all versions of TouchDesigner!
Check out the Release Notes for a complete list of new features, refinements, and bug fixes.

Palette Updates
The Palette Browser holds a collection of components we've included with TouchDesigner. It can also hold components that you've built and wish to reuse often, just drag your components into it. You can also use the Palette as a learning tool by examining how these components are built. This new release includes some new and updated items for you to try!
  • Equalizer.tox - a 6-band parametric equalizer component. Connect a audio stream in CHOPs to the input of this component and it will let you adjust up to 6 frquencies. Mutliple outputs give you separate channels for audio outpiut and for RMS power for each selected frequency. You can find this in Palette > Tools > Equalizer.
  • Updates TUIK Gadgets - TouchDesigner's User Interface Kit has received updates making it easier to use. The gadget components are now built so they can be assembled into an interface inside a single network, making it much easier to build and work with custom interfaces.
  • New Image Shaders - a new group of TOP image effects have been added such as Dent, Twirl, Dilate, LumaGlyph, ShredPixel, LightTunnel and more. These have been built using GLSL shaders. You can find them in Palette > Shaders.
  • New Video Filters - a number of new filter effects have been added to use in your TOP composite networks. Find them in Palette > Video > Filters.

TouchDesigner 077 image effects

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