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Keeping Root Folder Path Moving From PC to Mac

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Keeping Root Folder Path Moving From PC to Mac

Postby zhartman » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:13 am

Hello! I'm fairly new to touchdesigner and am running into an issue where I have to update and relink the path to png sequences I keep on an external hard drive each time I switch from PC to Mac computers.

The touchdesigner file and png sequences are kept on the same hard drive.

Here is an example of different pathing names that I need when I switch between PC and Mac.


E:/Ringling/Classes/Projection Mapping/Project 2/Triggers/_birb_var3_v01


/Volumes/LACIE SHARE/Ringling/Classes/Projection Mapping/Project 2/Triggers/_birb_var3_v01

I would appreciate any and all suggestions on how to solve this headache. Thanks!
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Re: Keeping Root Folder Path Moving From PC to Mac

Postby nettoyeur » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:53 am

You should use relative pathnames.

So if you have a project folder, in that folder yourproject.toe
In that folder also subfolders for images, video, audio etc. Place your media assets in those subfolders.

Now in yourproject.toe reference the assets with a relative pathname, in your example:
Code: Select all

(this means this path starts from the folder in which the *.toe file resides)

My advice is to only use relative path names for assets in all your projects, so your projects become easily portable to other machines.
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