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GTX 1080 vs 5700 XT

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GTX 1080 vs 5700 XT

Postby ekinhorzum » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:07 am

Hi all,

I need some recommendation on hardware. For live performances, I want to use audioreactive shaders and also physics simulation based explosion and fluid animations, again in real-time. My taste and approach is minimalistic in terms of content (mainly geometric, generative stuff), but i seek responsiveness and clean look. I'm not that good at coding, but eager to improve.

For GTX 1080 (already purchased a used one, didn't give it a try yet) :

pros: I'm curious about CUDA and touchdesigner's support. I've seen keijiro's cool unity samples; so Unity could be an option. FleX and PhysiX libraries of Nvidia could help; one of them works well with Unreal Engine, i guess. There would be lots of example patches, which in my case would be quite helpful. Lastly, raytracing support might help me yield better lighting in light workload scenes.

cons: it's a 2-3 years old card; which means it may not perform that well and also may go obselete in near future.

For 5700XT (may sell the gtx, add extra 30$, and buy this):

pros: I've been a mac user and would love to keep on using my old quartz compositions on an hackintosh build. It sounds reasonable to invest in a brand new card wrt a 2-3 years old one.

con: no raytracing support(?) It may be harder to find applied example patches and i may be on my own with the code most of the time. No CUDA, Flex, Physix libraries (Bullet can be an answer if i can tame it), an extra 30 bucks and some extra effort.

That's pretty much it. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Re: GTX 1080 vs 5700 XT

Postby ben » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:23 pm

For TouchDesigner specifically, Nvidia is better as there are a number of features that are Nvidia only such as...
- hardware accelerated video encode/decode
- H.264 movie export
- CUDA in the C++ TOP
- Geometry Texture Instancing
- Nvidia Flow features
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