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CamSchnappr problem

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CamSchnappr problem

Postby VidE » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:19 pm

Trying to learn CamSchnappr using Elburz Berlin Tutorial. Using C4D and exporting .fbx file, (this one is REALLY simple), everything seems to go OK until I open CamSchnappr in the projector. I get the adjustment lines but no geometry object and no material. It all shows up in the op windows in TD, though the geometry is a bit large and spills well outside the render window.

I'm reminded of the fact that .fbx geo's from C4D were always very large in TD, had to scale down by a factor of .001. Attached is the file with some textures added to the base material. What am I doing wrong that the geo and material don't show up on the projector? And if the geometry from C4D is importing at a weird scale, could changing the scale in the geo comp mess the settings for camSchnappr. Also, I noticed that while it is recommended that you zero out any T,R or scale settings in the geo comp, I assume you must keep the imported settings for T,R & S in the camSchnappr's transformation settings, correct?

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Re: CamSchnappr problem

Postby snaut » Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:43 am


camSchnappr references the SOP itself so doesn't know about any scale or offset you are applying outside. It's very important not to change any of the transform parameters on the Geo COMP which will render the geo at the end in order to not invalidate the calculated projector position. The scale of the model doesn't really matter to camSchnappr and in the camSchnappr window it should be nicely scaled to a unit box.

In your file I see that you had only specified 3 points so far - camSchnappr requires at least 5 reference points that are mapped from the virtual model to the physical object.

Did you have a look at the wiki here and follow that through - maybe there is some extra step that's not apparent from the Berlin Summit Video?

Also attached the setup with the cube mapped to an imaginary cube.. I did set the scale of the geo to 1 as the main change and then went through and "mapped" 6 points of the cube.

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Re: CamSchnappr problem

Postby VidE » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:04 pm

Thanks Snaut. Sorry for the late response, been on a gig. I was using a little Aaxa mini projector in a less than ideal physical situation and didn't quite see everything, i.e. my points were going off into space. Finally got my workspace sussed and all is ok.
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