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CHOP Execute & Serial DAT behavior

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CHOP Execute & Serial DAT behavior

Postby Bart Kipping » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:03 pm


I'm trying to build a tool for pixelmapping LED strips.
I'm now at the point that the pixelvalues are transmitted to the leds via Arduino semi succesfull.

There are two problems:
1. When outputing 16 x RGB values the strip it responds solid, however, when outputting say 64 x RGB or more the strip gets some strange colorflickering/shifting.

and then this...

2. It seems like the chop execute responds to more than just the changing values of the attached chop. For instance, when i scroll trough the network editor the colors on my ledstrip swap from red to green or blue, same is happening when controlling the red param of a constant top with my mouse. When i hook up a LFO to the parameter the leds responds smooth without colorswapping.

Any suggestions how to solve these problems?

Many thanks in advance,

Bart Kipping
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Re: CHOP Execute & Serial DAT behavior

Postby nettoyeur » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:32 pm

Hey Bart,
it would be easier for people to give advice on your current approach if you post your .toe file
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Re: CHOP Execute & Serial DAT behavior

Postby lucasm » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:16 am

Hey Bart - Are you using OSX? I had some issues sending serial data to an arduino few years ago but I think that problems' been fixed and also it was only an issue for me at much larger pixel counts.. Just a thought.

Also! A chop execute might be the wrong thing to use depending on how you're using it.

If your arduino is expecting a full buffer of values every frame, or every update your chopExecute should be sending the full chop worth of values.

Also using the chopExecute mode called onValueChange() is dangerous if you have multiple channels/samples as it will execute more than once per frame.

Unless you're using the chopExecute's whileOn() function I'd actually use something else like an execute DAT and just send the pixel data every frame (if that's how your arduino is setup)


Also yes seeing your toe would be very helpful.

Possibly seeing the arduino code you're using may help as well in determining where the problem actually lies.
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