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Rouge Shared Control Plugins, Show Modules and Hacks

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Rouge Shared Control Plugins, Show Modules and Hacks

Postby Mary » Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:17 pm

About controller plugins: http://www.maryfranck.net/rouge/using-rouge-with-controllers/
About creating your own show modules and hacks: http://www.maryfranck.net/rouge/hacking-rouge/
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Re: Rouge Shared Control Plugins, Show Modules and Hacks

Postby petkotanchev » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:14 am

Here is my first TouchOSC layout for Rouge088V1.1.0. Note that i had to make little changes in Rouge for receiving the correct names of the channels.

I changed the names of the alpha filter sliders by adding +1 in the alpha channel name (for example in /Video/VJ/Realtime/filterslide1 the expression in sel_cntrl CHOP must be set to alpha`opdigits("../..")+1` instead of alpha`opdigits("../..")`. I post the variant of Rouge who works for me with this TouchOSC layout.
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RougeHackAddSecondPlayer : add a second real time player

Postby ubboo » Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:26 am

Rouge is an excellent video jockey tool (http://www.maryfranck.net/rouge/) based onTouchDesigner, allowing to combine an image layer calculated in real time by a TouchDesigner network and three layers of video or static images. Each of the 4 channels that can be deformed by a music or a beat.

I desired change Rouge in order to have a second player for real-time compositions. So I made this hack that removes one of the three video clip ports and replace it by a second real time player.

Prerequisite Rouge88v1.1.0 and TouchDesigner 88

To install: copy this tox “RougeHackAddSecondPlayer” in /Rouge088-release/Compositions

To add the second player: load the TOX composition in the unique top player. A small window appears on top of the player. Click "Add it": Video clip 1 disappears and is replaced by a second composition player.

Your Rouge is now hacked. You can load any composition in the two players.
You can save it with this dual player and reuse it.

To return to the original Rouge (1 player + 3 videos) “RougeHackAddSecondPlayerloaded” in the player at the top and click on "Remove it".
TOX which add a second real time layer and remove one video slot
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