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TouchDesigner 099 Beginner Online Course

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TouchDesigner 099 Beginner Online Course

Postby 3dwalker » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:14 am

Course Agenda:

We do a weekly online interactive session 4 hours each.
The screen recordings and TouchDesigner projects will be uploaded for the students next day after the each session.
For the streaming we going to use the special streaming platform and chatroom for the communication and questions.

Trailer from previous Workshop:
phpBB [video]

Course Topics:

Part I

    Basics of interface
    Data Types anc Contexts
    Basic render setup and render output to projectors / screens
    Working with geometry - SOP Basics
    Integration with Houdini

Part II

    Procedural Modeling - working wth SOPs
    Control of video playback
    CHOP and working with live data. Working with events.
    Sound Analysis
Part III

    Shading - minimalism
    Shading - Photorealism
    Shading - the basics of GLSL shading
Part IV
    PBR Rendering
    Basics of SubstanceDesigner
    Working with tabular data and scripting
    Compositing and work with textures

Early Bird tickets are still available
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Re: TouchDesigner 099 Beginner Online Course

Postby chrk120 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:59 am

Hi I am not available then, is there a way we could buy the video later? Or the previous workshop ones?
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